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Q & A – Winning Lottery Numbers & How To Rank Your Keywords To The Top

By Nate | Q & A

Jan 30

This Post May Be Out Of Date

The SEO world changes quickly, and some of this content may be out of date.

For more recent content, check out the following case study where I break down step-by-step how I build an authority niche site that ended up generating $119,088 in just 9 months. Or check out the more recent posts on SeoFlipper.com.

“I just added you to my Flippa watch list, so I could check out your micro Niche sites before the competition, but, since you offered it up, “What are the winning lottery numbers for Wednesday nights Oregon Megabucks?”

Greg, I apologize for being about a month and a half behind on this one, but the winning numbers for Wednesday’s Oregon Megabucks were 17-26-28-33-43-47. You can thank me when you invent a time machine and make your way back to Dec 14 , 2011.

“On another note, since you have my email now, what would you charge to do the backlinking for some of my micro niche blogs?”

Since, I don’t offer back linking services myself I’m not really comfortable charging for my non-services. I will write up a post about back linking in the near future though.

“Do you ever show your adsense income instead of your Flippa sales?”

Hmm. Interesting way to put the question. If you’re referring to individual sites, then the Adsense earnings are available on the auction pages. If you’re referring to overall earnings, then no, I haven’t released my overall adsense earnings numbers.

I just came across your blog, started reading in anticipation and found that you don’t update it frequently =( !. So I was wondering how I can rank my keywords to the top?.

I’m really sorry Jon, I hope I can make it up to you in the future if you stick around.

As for how you can rank your keywords to the top, its easy. All you have to do is buy my ebook for $1997.97*. Oh, and you have to
on twitter as well.

Seriously though, that’s a pretty broad question that I can’t really answer for you in a blog post. As vague as this may sound, my best advice would be to put up some sites, take action and test while reading as much as you can about SEO. Take action, take action, take action. Did I mention you should take action?

*Note: Not actually selling an ebook.

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