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Q & A – Getting Top Dollar For Your Flippa Auctions

By Nate | Q & A

Jan 31

“I am blown away by your results selling on Flippa. Could you give us a list of your top tips for selling sites for big paydays on Flippa?”

I started this post with my own list of tips, but I realized that anything I have to say on this subject has already been discussed elsewhere. So rather than reinvent the wheel, here’s a list of helpful reading material to help you get the most value out of your Flippa sales, along with a brief summary.

Documentation, Managing The Auction, Strong Sales Copy, And Site Valuation
Always have verifiable income and analytics reports accompanying your auctions. Buyers won’t pay top dollar for sites that have the “potential” to earn income, they generally want to buy a site that is already generating steady, proven income.

Of course, managing your auction is key to a good final price as well. If you’re not there to answer your potential bidder’s questions promptly or address potential concerns in the comment section, you may cause some motivated buyers to lose interest in your auction.

While there are 7 main points in the post I’m linking to, I just wanted to emphasize one more – having strong sales copy. It goes without saying that strong sales copy can help boost the buyer’s perception of your site. By strong sales copy, I don’t mean some over the top sales letter with hyperbole and over-the-top salesmanship, I just mean a strong, concise auction description that highlights the benefits of owning your sites and that builds trust and rapport with your buyer.

Check out 7 Website Seller Mistakes at Flippa.com.

Write A Strong Headline
Having good sales copy is important, but no one will see your sales copy if your title is weak.

Check out these Tips For Writing A Better Auction Headline On Flippa from FlipFilter.

Leverage The “Golden Trifecta”
To maximize your Flippa exposure, you’ll want to leverage the golden trifecta of auction listing placement – “Featured”, “Ending Soon”, and “Most Active”. I could talk about this more, but why not just send you to the source.

Check out this post on Site Flipping Secrets from the Adsense Flippers. Also see 5 Tactics To Getting More Views On Flippa.

Have Something Worth Selling
Most importantly, you need to have a site worth selling. This usually means a site that’s already generating steady income. If you already have a site that’s getting lots of quality traffic but is undermonetized, you’ll get most value out of your auction if you monetize the site first and include documented revenues with your auction.

If you’re having trouble building income generating sites, I’ll be posting a lot more advice, tips and content on developing profitable micro niche sites in the near future. Be sure to Add Seoflipper.com To Your RSS Feed and don’t forget to follow along on twitter as well.

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