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Q & A – Can You Be My Mentor?

By Nate | Q & A

Feb 01

“Hello seoflippa, i have been following your success on microniche web development through flippa but i really need your help.
i want you to be my MENTOR.
I beg of you.
i have started following you through your previous post and i must say that they have been helping me real good.
i have been able to know how to do proper microniche keyword research, wordpress theme installation, adding and configuring plugins, but my issue is ..How do i rank this website to get website rank, page views and get my site on page one of google for keywords i choose.”

Yeah, those are kind of big issues if you want to make money from SEO. Here are my thoughts on mentoring in general, and in the context you propose.

Having a mentor can be a great benefit to your life. I’ve never had a mentor myself, but I’ve admired a lot of people and looked to incorporate aspects of their mindset into my own approach to entrepreneurship and life. I’ve also come to realize that my own thoughts on business and even life in general have been greatly shaped in recent years by books, blogs, and podcasts put out by successful people. Most of us don’t get to interact with successful people who have achieved what we want to achieve on a daily basis, but I think we can learn a lot just by listening to what they have to say, by hearing how they approach and overcome a problem, and by being motivated to achieve the same. Either way, its much better to surround yourself with insight and knowledge as opposed to fear mongering news or celebrity gossip.

I highly recommend Mixergy and The Lifestyle Business Podcast for developing a mindset for success in whatever aspect of entrepreneurship you pursue. You won’t find a blueprint for riches or how to rank keywords on the first page of google, but hopefully over time you will develop a mindset that will allow you to accomplish whatever you set out to achieve.

With that said, it sounds like what you’re looking for is hand holding more so than mentoring. A mentor is there to give you general direction and maybe answer specific questions when you’re unable to find the answers yourself. A mentor isn’t there to do your work or learning for you. You don’t need a mentor right now, what you need to do is get in the trenches and do lots of research and put in hundreds, even thousands of hours into testing and learning. Start by familiarizing yourself with the basic concepts of on-page and off-page seo, put up your wordpress site, and start testing.

If you have any specific questions along the way, I’d be happy to answer them. I could recommend a backlink strategy, or point out flaws in your on page SEO. But the truth is that in the end, no one will handhold your way to success, you’ll have to be willing to dig deep and find the truly important answers for yourself. Hope that helps you Victor. Good luck!

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Victor 6 years ago

@seoFlipper, I’m really grateful for your response towards my question. May God bless you.
Very quickly, you said “If you have any specific questions along the way, I’d be happy to answer them. I could recommend a backlink strategy, or point out flaws in your on page SEO.”
I want you to recommend a backlink strategy to me.
i have been able to put together few website so that i will learn along side while i test and learn.
I would be glad to show you those site on your request.
please, what is the meaning of “on page SEO?”

    Nate 6 years ago

    Hi Victor,

    I’ve had A LOT of requests for information on backlinking, so I’ll put up a post on the subject shortly.

    On page seo is simply optimizing your website for your keywords. Although it’s extremely simple, since this is completely within your control and absolutely free, it’s important not to neglect. In a nutshell, you’ll want to make sure your title, header tags, and domain name/permalinks are optimized for the keyword you’re attempting to target. There’s a little bit more to it than that, but as long as you make sure your keyword can be found in these 3 places, you’re off to a good start.

Victor 6 years ago

admin, i’m really grateful for your reply, i look forward to learning from you

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