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By Nate | Q & A

Dec 08

I know I haven’t been updating this blog lately. In my defense, I do have a word file on my desktop with a dozen semi-formed posts, but I’ve been just too busy lately to turn them into coherent, readable thoughts suitable for the high publishing standards of the inter…I guess on second thought, I should just post them as is?

I don’t do any promotion of this blog other than on my Flippa auctions (and I think it shows), but I always get questions through the contact form during my auctions asking for SEO and niche site building help. I figure if I’m helping a few people, I might as well help out everyone (all 12 of you who actually read this wasteland I call a blog).

So let’s hear it: if you have any questions about linkbuilding, keyword research, putting together niche websites, entrepreneurship, life, choosing winning lottery numbers…whatever you want – hit me up through the comments, email, or any other way you can find me, and I’ll collect your questions and answer them in my next post.

Ask away…

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Entrepreneur, SEO, nap enthusiast, twitter lurker.

Matt 6 years ago


I saw some of your sites for sale on flippa and thought I would check out your blog. You stress that keyword research is one of the most important factors. A couple of questions if you do not mind? 1) How important is an EMD and what differences have you noticed in ranking a non-emd vs. emd? 2) What is the minimum exact monthly searches you will target and also what is the ideal? Same with the CPC, what is the minimum and what is ideal?

In your auctions you were using pro-sense blue theme? Is this the theme you recommend and have had the best success with? What is your average CTR across all sites with this theme? What other themes have you tried?

Also you said you use Market Samurai. Do you use the SEOC feature when finding domains? If so, what number do you find too hard to rank for? I have been targeting around 500,000 or under but would like to hear your experience.

I could go on for an hour but do not want to bog you down. Thanks for your time and information.

Greg 6 years ago

OK, I wouldn’t have tossed in the URL, but you asked for it. LOL

I just added you to my Flippa watch list, so I could check out your micro Niche sites before the competition, but, since you offered it up, “What are the winning lottery numbers for Wednesday nights Oregon Megabucks?”



Greg 6 years ago

On another note, since you have my email now, what would you charge to do the backlinking for some of my micro niche blogs?


Ron 6 years ago

Do you ever show your adsense income instead of your Flippa sales?

Jason 6 years ago

I see that you said in your auction that you use blog posting as a main source of back linking. I was wondering if you would share what service you use or technique (linkvana, Build My Rank, something else entirely, etc…..) Just curious. Thanks.

Jon 6 years ago

I just came across your blog, started reading in anticipation and found that you don’t update it frequently :( !. So I was wondering how I can rank my keywords to the top?>.

Bob Lawrence 6 years ago


Your efforts are appreciated. I guess I am reader 13 of this wasteland you call a blog (your words).

Can you write a bit about how you determine the niche’s that you decide to build sites for?

Thanks much.

Bob Lawrence 6 years ago

Corrected link.

Jae 6 years ago

Hi, I’ve been watching your flippa sites with great interest, but finances don’t allow me to purchase a ready made site, so I’m wanting to get started in building adsense sites myself. I am not really sure how or where to begin the process of choosing a topic to build a site on. What do you recommend we should look for? eg choosing one particular product to create a site on? are there certain parameters you would recommend we stick to? From what I can see on your auctions, your sites start earning very quickly. How do you choose your initial niche? any help would be great, thanks so much.

Gina 6 years ago

I trawl daily through the Flippa listings, which needless to say, is why I was led here. Thorough, clear, honest and informative are the words which spring to mind when reading your listing and blog. Im considered a “newbie” to internet marketing/website development and am always seeking to learn more. It can however often be confusing reading the conflicting information available on the web. I will be a regular reader of your blog in the future for the valuable information you are passing on.

    Nate 6 years ago

    Thanks Gina. Sorry I haven’t been updating regularly, but I do intend to do so from now on.

Neil Rischall 6 years ago

I am blown away by your results selling on Flippa. Could you give us a list of your top tips for selling sites for big paydays on Flippa ?

David 6 years ago

Can you please tell me what’s your backlink building way and how much do you spend per site?

Emerald City Girl 6 years ago

So I came across your site through the flippa auction’s “Sold” section. I just wanted to get a realistic view of what sites were selling for because I’m very interested in the “create then sell” b-model that you as well as many others have adopted for ad sense monetization. ( I heard of the Adsense Flippers through the Lifestyle Business Podcast as well)

Gotta admit I was quite impressed by your strategy. You were able to take 9 sites and flip them to $5K in four months. So I guess my question is . . . How did you do it? How much time did you invest and was the opportunity cost for said time worth it?

I realize that is a lot so I will drill down as much as possible.

The one thing I noticed about blackwedgeshoes.org (the most profitable of the 9) is that it looks so simple! Did you utilize a plugin to create and optimize the site for SEO purposes? If so, which one? Did you outsource your content? Did you put up all of the content at once or slowly over time? Keyword domains seem to be “key”. Also, I noticed they were only .com, .org and .net is this always the case? When looking for your respective niches are there certain parameters that you look for. I.E. 3000 Exact Match Monthly Searches, Min 1 CPC, etc?

More importantly when looking at the competition how do you know you can beat anyone in the top ten to rank successfully?

I’m pretty sure I have the ability to create sites similar in nature if that’s what produces results. Outsource the content if need be but I have the hardest time wrapping my mind around the following:

Back-linking, Ranking and Driving Traffic
(This is where it all gets muddled to me)

Each post/page seemed to be ranked individually on its own and the links they were attached to had the anchor text to support that effort.

How did you do that?

-Forum Posting
-RSS Feeds
-Social Bookmarking
-and more


I have a general idea of what each one is but I have to admit I cringe at the thought of actually doing all of these manually. Are there automation tools for this effort? Or did you outsource? (Have you ever used Fiverr?) I focus on outsourcing only because my time is limited and if there is a way I can speed up the learning curve I’ll gladly pay for it and take the smaller profit margin. Having deployed and being scheduled to deploy again (DOD USA) . . . These days I know more than anything time is truly our most valuable resource.

Hey SEO Flipper, thanks for all of your assistance in advance.

It’s greatly appreciated.


Emerald City Girl

Danish 6 years ago

Hi there,
I have contacted you on the flippa action with username of epharmacygold. I am looking forward for your help relating to my case.

Victor 6 years ago

Hello seoflippa, i have been following your success on microniche web development through flippa but i really need your help.
i want you to be my MENTOR.
I beg of you.
i have started following you through your previous post and i must say that they have been helping me real good.
i have been able to know how to do proper microniche keyword research, wordpress theme installation, adding and configuring plugins, but my issue is ..How do i rank this website to get website rank, page views and get my site on page one of google for keywords i choose.
If you will really help, this is my email address: [removed] or [removed]
kindly reply me sir.
God bless!

Jonathan 6 years ago

Hi There,

Sent you an email.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Ben 6 years ago

I have been following you for a little while and I really envy how good you are at building/ranking/selling sites. I have been really struggling in the backlink building department. How do you get your backlinks do you follow a certain procedure? and how long before you see serp results for micro sites? Thank you very much

Akram 6 years ago


How can I be a affiliate seller in Amazon. Please Describe A to Z

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