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It All Starts With Keyword Research

By Nate | Keyword Research

Oct 05

You can’t master traffic generation without mastering keyword research. This applies 200% with organic traffic.

If your website is a piece of virtual real estate, keyword research is how you uncover the prime piece of waterfront property that’s priced below market value. Keyword research is the land survey. Keyword research is the inspection. Keyword research is the blueprint, the foundation, the key.

If you’re struggling to get traffic to your microniche sites, I guarantee that you’re doing something wrong with your keyword research, or you’re not doing it at all.

How do I know this?

Because if you’re putting in the time and effort to do proper keyword research, you would see that there is still plenty of low hanging fruit out there on the internet waiting to be picked.

I’m going to be covering my keyword research process in depth in future posts. I’ll discuss the strategies I use to find profitable, low competition keywords, how I apply my keyword research to maximize my on-page SEO and site structure, and how I evaluate a particular niche or SERP. Feel free to Add SEO Flipper To Your RSS Reader to read future updates as they come out.

If you’re already having some success with your microniche sites, this post probably isn’t news to you. But if you’re struggling with SEO, especially with easy to rank microniche sites, I’ll say it again. It ALL starts with keyword research.

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