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5 Steps To Earn 5 Figures A Month From Adsense

By Nate | Maximizing Google Adsense Earnings

Mar 08

This Post May Be Out Of Date

The SEO world changes quickly, and some of this content may be out of date.

For more recent content, check out the following case study where I break down step-by-step how I build an authority niche site that ended up generating $119,088 in just 9 months. Or check out the more recent posts on SeoFlipper.com.

Whether you’re just building your first website and haven’t made a dime, or your adsense account can’t seem to break past $10/day, there are certain building blocks you need to have in order to build sites or a network of sites that earn significant revenue. This is true whether you’re whether you’re aiming to build authority sites or micro niche sites.

The good news is, if you managed to earn $10/day, or even $1/day, you likely have a few of these building blocks already in place. Below are 5 necessary steps to earning 5 figures a month from Adsense.

1. Targetting Keywords Within Your Means

The key here is to understand how to do Keyword research. The problem for a lot of people struggling to earn money with adsense is that even if they can get into the google keyword tool and play around, or even if they buy keyword research tools, it can be hard to know exactly what will make money if you haven’t had any previous success. Of course, the simple solution is to TAKE ACTION and build something to test, but it still helps to know what to look for.

For more on doing good keyword research, check out the Keyword Research section to get you started.

2. Finding Niches That Make Money

So you know how to find keywords that you can rank for and you’ve managed to get into position #1 in the Google SERPs for your desired keywords. Of course, if you ranked yourself for “random history facts”, the money still won’t be flowing in.

The good news is that identifying and capitalizing on profitable niches is actually pretty easy once you know what to look for, especially with Adsense, where the data is easily available and most of the conversion optimization is done for you.

For more on brainstorming and identifying profitable niches, see my post on Adsense Niche Selection

3. Take care Of Your On Page SEO

On page SEO is critical to achieving good rankings. It’s so simple to get right, and it’s absolutely free to do so, yet it’s still often neglected. On page SEO can get a little more detailed when you’re trying to rank for competitive niches, but its downright simple when you’re just trying to rank microniche sites. Follow these few basic wordpress on-page SEO tips and you’ll have 80% of your On Page SEO covered.

WordPress On Page SEO Tips

  • Modify Permalinks: Change your Settings->Permalinks to a custom structure, either /%postname% if you’re keeping things really simple, or /%category%/%postname% if you’ve thought out your category structure.
  • Install AIO SEO Pack Plugin: Grab the All In One SEO Pack For Free. Take the time to write a custom title for your front page that is relevant and that includes your primary keyword as well as a 1-2 secondary keywords. For more information on the best settings, check out this great post on All In One SEO Pack Configuration.
  • Make sure your primary keyword is in your post title
  • Make sure your primary keyword is in your subheader tags (<h2></h2>,<h3></h3> etc)
  • Make sure your primary keyword can be found in the body of your content at least 1-2 times
  • Produce easy to read, relevant content and DO NOT stuff your keyword:  You won’t sell blue widgets by stuffing cheap blue widgets red and blue widgets low cost widgets the best blue widgets because this blue widget isn’t being sold in 1999.


4. Backlinking Your Way To The Top

I feel that way too many individuals looking to build microniche sites over-emphasize the importance of backlinking. Where are the best backlinks? Where do you buy your backlinks?

While these might be relevant questions if you’re attacking a competitive niche, if you’re building small niche sites around Exact Match Domains with 1000-2000 exact match searches and a small handful of inner pages targeting carefully selected related longtail keywords, backlinking won’t be much of an issue.

Note that I’m not saying backlinking isn’t important. It certainly is, and your microniche empire isn’t going to go very far without strong backlinks. But while linkbuilding is obviously important, your exact match domain bonus and careful keyword research should be doing the majority of the work in getting your microniche sites ranked.

Backlinking can be simple. Go with the tried and true private blog network posts, article directory submissions, and web 2.0 backlinks and you will definitely start seeing results if you took care of factors 1-3.

5. Systemize and Scale

If you master the simple art of locating keywords that you can rank for, getting your on-page seo down, locating simple, effective backlinks, and identifying profitable niches, these factors alone give you a replicable formula for success that you can then systemize and scale.

While there are many possible ways to hit 5 figures a month in Adsense through a process that isn’t easily replicable, the key to hitting 5 figures a month with microniche sites is to take your small success, systemize it, and scale it.

If you’ve taken care of steps 1-4, you have a formula that works, whether it earns you $1 a day, $10 a day, or $100 a day. There are two main ways to scale a profitable Adsense niche site model. You can scale vertically by building out your website into an authority site, or you can scale laterally by moving into other niches/keywords and building more sites. For the microniche business model, we’ll be scaling laterally, though obviously there are lots of benefits to the authority site model as well.

Once you have a few profitable niche websites, you’re going to want to start thinking about ways you can systemize and outsource your site creation process. I have a lot to say on the whole process of systemizing and scaling micro niche websites, but there’s also a lot of great information already out there.

I came across a great post on Mixergy yesterday that really breaks down the process in a simple way and summed up my general approach to systemizing and outsourcing nicely (although its for an in-house context, you can easily apply the principles to freelancers when you’re starting out). Check out the full post on How To Get Others To Do Your Work @ Mixergy.

For some tips that are specific to niche site creation, check out the Adsense Flippers’ great post on Building A Rockstar Virtual Team.

And finally one last recommendation on the topic of systemization, check out Sam Carpenter’s great book – Work The System. It’s 100% worth the read, and the best part is that its available free at Work The System Academy when you sign up for the mailing list. (Note: I can’t vouch for the training system since I haven’t done it myself, but I can assure you that the book is fantastic).

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments, twitter, or via email. I’ll be following up with more actionable info on some of the steps discussed above, so be sure to Add Seoflipper.com To Your RSS Feed and don’t forget to follow along on twitter as well.

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Ben 6 years ago

I have been following this blog for quite a while now and the information you give is excellent. Do you find that time plays a big role in your serp position for niche site? With an emd how long on average does it usually take you to rank to position 1? Do you recommend link building then allowing your site to age or just continuous link building until you reach spot 1?

Thanks in advance, your an inspiration and your tips are excellent

    Nate 6 years ago

    Hey Ben,

    Time definitely plays a role for new sites. On average it usually takes a minimum of about 3-4 months to get into the top 3 positions for my lower competition keywords. I’d recommend linkbuilding gradually right from the start until you get to a point where you hit a plateau and don’t move up for a couple months. At that point, you can either flip the site, hold it, or figure out if its worth your time/money to continue trying to push further.

    Thanks for stopping by,

      Ben 5 years ago

      Thanks for the response Nate! What are your thoughts on google’s recent attack n blog networks. I know that you were a big fan of ALN (as was I). Are you going to continue with ALN and hope for the same results or have you been using a different link building strategy?


        Nate 5 years ago

        Hey Ben,

        Its kinda funny, the day after I posted about ALN and BMR, the shit started to hit the fan. Initially, it looked like the typical “the sky is falling” kind of thing after a few de-indexed blogs, but its pretty clear that the writing is on the wall. BMR just had their whole network de-indexed, and I’m sure Google is going to continue to target ALN. Its just a matter of time. Luckily, this happened early enough that no one signed up for BMR based on my recommendation…I woulda felt pretty bad about that!

        I’m definitely going to rethink some points in my linkbuilding, but as always I’d advise building links from multiple sources/types. I’m still going to submit to ALN while it still works, but any site ranked with ALN will be backed up with links from other sources (as I’ve always done) for the inevitable day when ALN gets a mass de-indexing.


Arbel Arif 6 years ago

Great Blog Ben, Congrats…
On average, from your experience how many micro niche sites I will need to get into the $100/per day???
I know, it depenad on the niche or ranking but on average?

    Nate 5 years ago

    As you said, it really depends. But if you just want a number, for me personally the number is between 50-120, but take that with a grain of salt.

Arbel Arif 5 years ago

Sorry, I meant “Nate” and not “Ben” :-)

Rahul Mehta 5 years ago

Hello Ben
i am going to start a micro niche site . can u plz suggest me how can i monetize it except adsense . i am thinking of amazon and clickbank . any other ?

    Nate 5 years ago

    Hi Rahul,

    It’s Nate by the way, not Ben =P

    Depending on your niche, there’s Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, CPA networks (see offervault.com), agoda.com, infolinks, kontera, chitika, off the top of my head.

Ben 5 years ago

Hey nate,

Are you still using aln? I want to keep using it but I am not sure if its worth it. What other link building methods have you switched too now ? I am trying to figure out a cost effective method to get backlinks for my low comp sites thought I would ask!


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