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In a previous life during the recent past, I was a future lawyer, just doing some web design work and ebay selling on the side as I made my way through school.

When I finished law school, I decided that I really wanted to go into business for myself rather than pursue the lawyer route. After reading about/studying and working on several online income generation methods with varying degrees of success, I spent the better part of a year (since early 2011) working on building a passive income stream through SEO.

During that time, I (along with my virtual assistants & small team of freelance writers) got pretty efficient at researching, building, & ranking successful Microniche websites, to a point where I earned a full time income almost exclusively off passive adsense earnings from small 3-10 page websites.

In early 2012, the SEO environment changed significantly thanks to Google cracking down on public blog networks, the introduction of Penguin, EMD updates etc, and microniche sites were no longer a viable way to earn passive income. Since then, I’ve been focused on building larger authority niche sites that have more ranking stability. I still occasionally sell websites, but because I no longer have a pool of hundreds of sites and it takes a significantly more investment of time and money to build each site, these sales are few and far between.

While my focus has always been on building websites that can generate long-term passive income, I created Seoflipper.com around the time I decided to start selling some of my Microniche sites to raise capital for bigger projects. I did so for 4 primary reasons:

1) Help my future customers gain insight into my mindset & my process

2) To document my first steps into the world of website flipping/selling

3) Help anyone struggling to build successful websites.

4) To share, network & learn with like-minded people interested in building a business. Whether it be online or brick & mortar, whether the goal is to build a lifestyle business or to get filthy rich – I want to share what I’ve learned & learn from others who’ve rejected the highschool -> university -> corporate job -> retirement @ 65 deferred life plan that society has fostered upon most of us since childhood.

If any of the above interests you (or even if it doesn’t), leave me a comment, ask me a question, drop some knowledge. I want to hear from you.

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